Bearing Fruit

Here in my studio I have a lovely fig tree.  I bring it inside in the fall when the leaves start to change and the temperature drops.  Usually sometime in January it starts pushing new growth.  This year the growth started a little early as I set my art studio back up to begin using it this past December.  I can't help but say I see some sort of  meaning or connection here.  It gets even better.  About a month ago, as I've been busy painting and organizing for my art show and spending lots of time in this little room listening to great music and singing along while happily creating, I noticed the tree began bearing fruit!  I bought the tree three years ago and it has never born fruit.  This is the first year that I anticipate eating fresh home grown figs.  For me personally, this year has been spent pushing myself to grow and produce as I follow my path and passions.  Every day I look at the fig tree and feel a sense of comradeship, connection and purpose as we grow together.