South Pacific Party

The South Pacific themed party I wrote about in a post a little over a week ago took place this past Saturday night.  It was such a fun evening spent with lots of interesting, talented and creative people.  I believe that most guests and performers felt that our host, Sean,  performed a minor miracle.   He transposed, arranged and conducted all of the songs from the musical. He also enlisted a variety of friends and performers who wanted in on the action to perform the songs and make them come to life in a very real and vibrant way.  Sean gathered players from the Holyoke Civic Symphony and we all enjoyed having a pit orchestra (seriously!) create an authentic musical atmosphere...there was a harpists, flutists, violinists, bass players, drums, clarinet, and basson!

Members of the old time country band Appalchain Still played "Dites Mio" which lead into a gut bucket version of "Filet Gumbo".  They also backed me up on my solo number, "Honey Bun",  and did a great job.  I got to dress down as a navy sailor at the beach with aviator sunglasses, dog tags, sailor's cap, tank top, boots, green military style jacket and cut off jeans and sing about my "One hundered and one pounds of fun"!  

Some members of Boston's Gay Men's Choir formed the "Navy" chorus and performed "Nothing Like a Dame".   A bunch of us women singers came together to form the "Nurse's" chorus and sang "Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair". 

Sean and Steve transformed their studio in the arts and industry building into a Bali Hai like tropical delight.  Every detail was thought of and they both created a wonderful atmosphere for an original party.  I love witnessing how their vision and hard work made all these disparate strings and pieces come together and form such a memorable night of entertainment.   The Guava and Rum punch was fantastic, the leis looked so festive and all in all this party was a truly great way to celebrate the start of spring.