Welcome and thank you so much for visiting where earth meets sky today!  I am interested in sharing many interests here... my art work, other creations that inspire, thoughts about the creative process, photographs, the gardens I work with and the music I love to listen to, find interesting and sing. 

Living a creative life is what I love to do. I paint, draw, sing my heart out, take photographs, garden, get my hands dirty and grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit. I love to cook and eat. I raise chickens and a couple of friendly cats. I get inspired by art, beauty and passion. I love the four seasons. I long to travel... through a song, a book, a piece of art or a performance if I can't physically go a long distance. I dance within my senses...

My intention is for this blog to be a window into and mirror of my creative process.  It's an online journal of sorts.  A place to share and reflect and a place where others can join in on the conversation.  I love receiving comments and emails so feel free to introduce yourself, say hello, share your thoughts and creative inspirations.  I hope you will return from time to time as I plan on regularly adding tidbits that reflect my love of the visual arts, music and gardens. Enjoy!