Two New Paintings


"Five O'Clock on January 1st"


"Longest Night"

This past winter was a particularly introspective time for me.  I'm still in that thoughtful space but the energy has shifted, the days are longer and my activity increases as the days lengthen.

These two new paintings were inspired by light.  There is something very special about how light glows on the evenings of the shortest days and longest nights.  I was inspired by the real light that I can see being generated by a flame or an electric light bulb. However, what really excites me is how I relate to light like this as the representation of an inner glow, a new way of being.  It attracts me like a moth to flame.   I'm attracted to the orb surrounding a still candle flame in a dark room.  Light pouring out of doorways and windows onto the crystal white, blue and purple shadows of snow makes me think of the inner vibrancy that makes a home come alive, the life within...whatever the home may be.