May 1st

The start of a new month and many things are happening.  Most notably, the garden season is in full gear and I'm trying to fall into stride with the push of growth all around.  

With the close of April I took down my art show.  I was happy to have some of my paintings back in my house, filling up the space comfortably and effortlessly like old friends.  Many thoughtful and supportive words were shared in my sign-in book from the show.  Friends and neighbors have shared their thoughts in person too.  These interactions allow me to see more fully how important it is to have space and time available to share artistic pursuits.  Thinking, creating, practicing, mulling over and over ideas can be such solitary work.  The sharing, party, opening or gig breaths a wholeness and life into whatever you're creating.  Artists need an audience.  I'm so thankful to have had the space and time to do this show last month and share it with you.  Following are a few pictures from the show and gallery space.  

So here I go happily closing the door on April and gearing up for the hard work, sore muscles and beautiful garden beds that May brings!

Here I am enjoying time with friends

Gallery wall with flower paintings

Josh, my gallery assistant, did a great job helping me hang the show.