There's no place like home... Part 3

I brought five baby chicks home yesterday and got them settled into their new pad.

Fuzzy, baby chicks are some of the cutest things ever!  As of yesterday my flock includes two Plymouth Bard Rocks and three Speckled Sussex.   The Plymouth Bard Rocks are blackish gray with a creamy yellow under belly and the Speckled Sussex are various shades of brown and creamy yellow.  I like their striking markings.

I also have five Australorps who are approaching 2 years old and Mr. Rooster who is approaching his first birthday.  Here they are in their summer coop enjoying a sunny day.

Two of my hens got broody and hatched Mr. Rooster and two other chicks last year.  The hens did a co-parenting thing and both sat on the nest and helped raise the chicks last summer.

Gilligan, one of my cats, is very interested in the new arrivals.  He spent some time yesterday afternoon sitting and watching the chicks.  Perhaps he's thinking about a tasty treat or just how nice it is to see our family grow.... I think he's probably thinking the first thought.  The chicks are protected by chicken wire and hardware cloth and after a few weeks of growth the cats and chickens can share space with no problem.  Here's a pic of Gilligan on the right catching me with my camera trying to get a picture of him staring at the little fuzzies.