Gardening takes up all my time...

This time of year I am an obsessed gardener.  I can't stop.  I think about art, visual ideas and paintings I'd like to try to work on and produce.  I think about music and songs I want to learn, new projects I want to work on and people I want to contact about possible collaboration.  I think a lot.

When it comes down to it, all I want to do is be in my garden.  That's where the action is.  I don't go out for a hike or walk,  I haven't gone swimming in the pond,  I rarely call my friends or family,  I don't want to go to a museum or on a day trip.  I want to be home weeding, planting, sprucing up and enjoying my garden...and when I go to work,  I go to other people's gardens.  I like my job, a lot.  Am I a workaholic?  Obsessive Compulsive?

There is a time and place for everything and I want to milk the warmer months for all they're worth.  I can sit in my warm, well lit studio during the cold, dark months.  I can organize my musical thoughts and goals in front of a fire.

It's funny how interests can become obsessions, creep into your being, become a part of you when you were not necessarily expecting them to.   I hated to work in the garden as a kid.  I was kind of afraid of bugs.  I didn't really like physical labor.  I wasn't particularly interested in plants and flowers.  I liked them but didn't LOVE them.

All that has changed.  I look forward to weekends so I can keep working in my flower and vegetable gardens.  I get really dirty, sweat, and tire myself out.  I love watching bugs and how they live their lives and make their homes in the dirt and amongst the plants.  They are my company during my solitary days spent in my gardens.

I do miss painting and making music.  Maybe I can do everything?   Can I set a lofty goal to live a renaissance life like Leonardo DaVinci?  That sure would be cool!  But hours and days fly by and damn, I'm tired after a 9 hour day digging and weeding.  For now, I'll just keep reminding myself that there is a time and place for everything.

Here are a couple of my garden beds at home...
Terraced Vegetable Gardens
Herb, Vegetable, Pond and Perennial Gardens