10 Fabulous Architecture+Design Highlights in Toronto

Josh and I just returned from a full and busy trip to Toronto and while we were there we explored a lot of sights.  I was struck with how architectural and design elements threaded different parts of the city together in an interesting way.  I love how contemporary architectural elements juxtapose against and mix with older styles in Toronto.  Here's what I'm talking about...

1.  The view down from the glass floor of the CN Tower.  (My knees were shaking as we took the glass elevator that looks out on the skyline up over 340 meters).
2.  The CN Tower in the distance and a black and white building on colorful stilts which is part of the Ontario College of Art and Design.
3.  Victorian and Contemporary as neighbors
4.  Steel tree trunk like supports hold up a vaulted glass ceiling which connects old and new buildings.  Standing here was reminiscent of standing in a Gothic cathedral.
 5.  A spiral staircase in the Art Gallery of Ontario
6.  Store front in the design district
7.  The Royal Ontario Museum in between older buildings that house Toronto's orchestra and performance space.
8.  Entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum
9.  Tables and chairs at the Distillery Historic District
10. An alien being watched over a sitting area