Study of light

This time of year becomes a study of light.  The days fly by and moments are marked by sunlight streaming through windows.  Light marks it's way quickly angling rays through rooms in my house, the room in the vintage poster studio where I work, through clouds on the western horizon as I drive home in the afternoon, across fields that are cold and dusted with snow. 

Trees become dark silhouettes in the twilight and at dawn with shades of  blues and purples hugging every angle and curve of their branches and trunks. 

In the late afternoon my house darkens and I light candles, turn on lights, the fire sends a glow through the living room.  I have my Christmas tree up and decorated as of this morning and will enjoy my first evening with it admiring it's colorful lights and shiny light reflecting ornaments.

I finished three paintings last week.  All are studies of light.  I made another lighted doorway study and two are studies of glowing light.  I want to share them with you. 

I'm mesmerized by the radiating qualities of light and fall in love with how light changes and shifts our perception of color.  Light silently passes from it's origin and affects all around it. 

Above is an image taken of the two light studies in my studio.  You can get a peak of where I work.  And finally a closer look at the glowing, radiating orb.