A December Day on the Beach

On December 3rd, this past weekend, I celebrated my 36th birthday. All I really wanted to do this year was see the ocean; no party or cake needed. I felt the need to hear the rhythm of the surf and smell the briny smells of the sea. I got to see the ocean from the airplane as I crossed the Atlantic to and from Europe this summer. Although the water was lovely to look at from far above, it wasn't quite the same sensual experience as standing at the water's edge.

Josh and I drove out to the North Shore of Massachusetts to Crane's Beach. This beach is a place where conservation and recreation meet. The beach, surrounding sand dune lands and a historic mansion are available to all and are protected by The Trustees of Reservations.

The coast was beautiful that day and we enjoyed seeing many people on horseback as well as  walkers along the water. I would look out to the distance, at the horizon, and back to the sand beneath my feet and see the layers of how the land met water's edge then how the water met the sky. There were so many things to hone in on; blue bits of shell on the sand, patterns made by water, sun light reflecting, foam left from the receding surf. How I love to look at the big picture and the little picture.