Trillium Time

The greens this time of year are my favorites. From the moss on a wet rock beside a stream, to the fuzzy green texture as I look at many different trees leafing out on a wooded hillside in the distance and as I look up at the sky through the emerging leaf canopy. Spring green is so fresh, so unspoiled, so special.  I spent a couple hours in the woods around my house looking this past warm Sunday afternoon. Looking at the green, looking at the water and rocks, and looking for the plants I love to see and visit this time of year. One of my favorite wild native plants is the Trillium.  I found a Trillium island. A rock settled in the stream with a stand of Trillium growing on it. I imagined it is a small fairy like oasis on a big mossy rock, a place I would like to see if I ever shrunk, "Alice-in-Wonderland style", to see and experience from a much smaller perspective.  On the way back to the house I found a place hosting many Jack-in-the Pulpit plants. I bent down to gently lift the lid of the flower and peek inside. Time in nature never ceases to amaze me. The older I get, the more I enjoy it. It feels like every season and every year is a chance to visit old friends and also the chance to see and sense with a newness and freshness. I'm so looking forward to sharing these special places and plants with my child and watching them become aware of how things spiral back around in a familiar, seasonal comforting ways and yet how each year brings a whole new opportunity for fresh perspective, growth and engagement.