Art Show Tonight!

I've been working consistently the past few months to get my art show, Fertile Ground, together.  It's been such a great process, a great way get more focused and a lot of fun to organize.  I completed a handful of new paintings plus I finally have an outlet to show a collection of work that I've created since 2004.  Doing the show was an impetus to get a web presence and therefore a blog up and running which is also a great way to focus creative thoughts.  You can see the collection of paintings that I'm showing here on my "My Creations To View and Purchase" page.  Below is my statement about the show.

Wish you could all come out to be at the party tonight...there will be wine, food and community!  If you happen to be in western MA come out to Cummington at the Community House Gallery.  Thank you to the Cummington Cultural Council for creating an ever changing space for local artists and art lovers.  Every month a new artist shows their work.

“Fertile -  affording abundant possibilities for growth or development.” 

My show, Fertile Ground, contains work I’ve created since 2004.  I decided to call this show Fertile Ground because something that is fertile is rich and nourishing. It has the potential to produce, whether it is a thought or something physical.  The work that I’m showing explores themes that represent energy and the myriad of ways it shows itself.  Circles are a recurrent theme, from the round head of the African fertility goddess - Akua Mma, to mysterious glowing orbs, to the somewhat representational images of the sun and moon, to a seed and it’s potential.  The circle represents the spirit of energy within everything as well as a symbol of constant change.  The sun sets, the day ends, the seed is planted, the flower blooms then withers away and falls back to the earth, fruit ripens, a snowflake falls onto a muddy road then quickly disappears and the cycle repeats.  Finally, I am interested in expressing the magical time of twilight when light and color heighten against a backdrop of silhouettes and shadows.  A day’s end can give us a last gasp of exquisite beauty and pleasure as we transition to night’s blanket of darkness and stars.  The circle continues to turn.

With my art work I invite the viewer to stop, take a deep breath and look around.  See the magic in everyday events and the raw potential every passing moment holds.