Our Neighbor

We have a very handsome new neighbor who moved in this past week right next door in our little pond.  He likes to sun himself on the rocks.  I also notice he floats around in the water with his eyes bulging out above the surface and his legs and arms outstretched.  He acts like he doesn't have a care in the world...even when my cat, Gilligan, stalks him he just jumps right in the pond with out a fuss.  I feel like I want to call him Fred.  He looks like a Fred to me.  He has a lot of company since there are tons of tadpoles in the pond as well.  I like having him around as company when I'm out and about in the garden.  He sings every now and then in a creaky, croaky kind of way.  I just realized that I keeping calling the toad "He".  "He" could be a" She" but the name "Fred" will have to stay