Poppy Perfection

I just took this photo before the rain started to fall.  It's pouring again.  The rain is good but unfortunately makes my poppies and peonies melt.  Luckily yesterday was rain free and I got the majority of my garden/yard work finished.... lawn mowed, some annuals planted in my shade garden, walking path's mulched with cedar bark, new seeds planted: carrots, beets, leeks & scallions.  I want to plant my three fruit trees, two apples and a peach, this weekend.  If I can accomplish this task sometime in the next two days I'll feel like things are all taken care of for the time being.  Josh is picking up electric poultry fencing for my chickens so I can put them on fresh grass and they can graze and eat bugs.  They will be so much happier plus their eggs are much better when they have access to fresh grass and bugs.  This afternoon I plan on going to a local nursery where they are having an ornamental pond/water feature workshop.  I want to learn more about how to care for my little pond.  I'd like to get some water plants and maybe a few fish but I really would rather not have an electric pump and filter running out there.  If I could have it be all natural it would be great.  We'll see what I learn.  I have a feeling a may come home with a water plant or two to try out.  Right now the pond is full of developing tadpoles.  The toad who I called Fred and posted about a little bit ago seems to have moved on.  I miss having his company out in the garden.  That's the news for now.  Hope you have a great weekend!