Travel Bug

Oh my, as I enter my blog I glance at the last post date and feel a bit disappointed in myself for not posting anything in over two weeks.  I love being home but I feel that my busy daily routines in summer are not conducive to blogging.  So many other projects call to me when I'm at home plus earning my daily bread factors in to the mix.  It takes getting away for me to sit in a more focused way and post an item or two.  Ok, apologies over (and yes, they're more for myself than anyone else I'm sure) and on to a new entry.

I'm on the road again after a whirlwind weekend spent attending WILCO's Solid Sound Festival at MassMOCA in North Adams.  I had friends staying at our home and on Friday and Saturday I road to the festival with them.  The festival was a great and magical time and I'll dedicate my next post to that occasion.

We drove up to Burlington, Vermont yesterday and what a beautiful drive it was.  The day was cool and overcast and as we headed north the landscape gently turned to a lovely lush green.  I'm saying this because in my area we are experiencing a big drought and I've become accustomed to brownish, parched looking vegetation.

In a way, this a kind of homecoming for me.  I was born in the Champlain Valley over on the other side of the lake, in Plattsburg NY.  It really is beautiful up here!  In my head flashes of old memories and photographs that my parents took while we lived up here run through my head.  We moved away from here when I was three back around 1978/79.  I believe that we hold places within ourselves... feelings, memories, essences.  So, I look forward to heading out shortly to wander around the town of Burlington, meet with an old high school friend and reconnect with the big lake.  On Wednesday morning we will take the ferry across the lake to Plattsburg as we head onward to Toronto.

I'll leave you now with a good taste in your mouth.  Here's a nice photo of an awesome lunch I had yesterday in Brandon, VT at the Cafe Provence.  Pan seared scallops wrapped in smoked salmon served over polenta with a parsley cream sauce and a topping of green asparagus spears.  Yum.