So much to say...where to begin?

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have not posted anything on my blog for a very long time.  It's really not for a lack of interesting news, thoughts and tidbits to share.  Life has been full and good. 

At this point, I'm not sure what I want to share, start with ... ?   How about I blurt it all out here then in future posts slowly develop thoughts, stories and examples complete with pictures, songs, poetry, stories, evidence?   Well, I'll just list a few highlights of the past few weeks here...
Hopefully, then, I will feel jumpstarted into continuing to share my thoughts and creations on this here blog.

1. My paintings are hanging in Keene, NH at the Colonial Theater gallery space.  I will be up there hosting an open studio during Keene's world famous Pumpkin Festival.  Friday, 10/15/10.  Yeah, my paintings are pretty nifty but you really don't want to miss the 30,000 or so jack-o-lanterns lining Main St. that night! 

2.  After going to into the recording studio with Appalachian Still, a local bluegrassy, oldtimey, rootsy band, to record one of their original songs back in August, I joined them onstage at their CD release party at the Iron Horse a few weeks ago.  The whole experience was great.  Check out the CD, Feelin' Alive on CD Baby.  I sing "Nothing Left to Say", # 14 on the album.

3.  Singing Jackson (yes that Johnny and June Carter Cash ditty) last Saturday a bunch of times with my friend, Mike Jennings and other guys from The Mike Hooker Experience and (one time that night with) The Bum Steers at a fundraiser in honor of Fred Knittle from The Young at Heart Chorus was FUN! 

4.  Went to a party later last Sat. night where members of these bands, Haunt and Ware River Club, played.  I loved their sound so I'll leave you with a song from Haunt.  Enjoy!