Full Frost Moon

"Illumination"  2004    Kimberly H. Wachtel

"If the moon shows a silver shield,
 Be not afraid to reap your fields."

The Farmer's Almanac Gardening calendar that hangs in my studio has the above quote written under the name of this month's full moon, The Full Frost Moon or Beaver Moon.  The quote fits in perfectly with my thoughts and actions in relation to this full moon.

A cool book I have called "The Secret Language of  Symbols" states:  "The full moon echos the symbolism of the circle to signify wholeness, completion and achievement." 

The Full Frost Moon has brought with it a heightened time of self reflection.  As I turn towards winter and the darker, colder months ahead I take stock of the past year.  I think about what I am thankful for, what I have accomplished, who I am, where I've been, where I'm going, what to let go of and what to hold on to. 

The full moon illuminates,  like the title of my painting above suggests.  It provides an opportunity to look at time passing, how the cycles shift and shine light on one's achievements, talents, shortcomings and/or areas of needed work.  I gather my harvest, take stock of what has been gained and lost and move towards the darker months.  This is a fertile time of dreaming and creating.  My gardens are just about put to bed and I'm ready to move forward with the next cycle of growth.  As of this week I'm back in my studio drawing and painting.   A month and a half ago I began studying music theory on the keyboard with a great teacher and I practice, practice, practice.  I sing everyday.  I'm reading books that go along with my interests and relate to what I am learning.  I meet with a talented and gifted artist, mentor, friend regularly for meaningful conversations, reflections and work.  All this is so rich and important to me especially after some big personal decisions that were made earlier this year.   This is coming from someone who was intently considering and applying to go to school and get another formal degree at a college or university but this time in music.   I could have been in Boston attending Berklee School of Music this winter but honestly I am so happy with my decision to create a course of study using local teachers and resources.  I can feed my head and my soul in the comfort of my home and in my community.  I look forward to sharing more thoughts on my studies in future blog entries.  Stay Posted.  Happy Full Frost Moon to you!