Walkabout this Saturday

Three households on Stage Road, where I live, have collaborated to create a winter walkabout to celebrate our work, our creativity, our industry, our local economy, history and beauty in Cummington, MA.  Above are four postcards showing images that represent who we are and what we do here on our road.  Our group includes artists, designers/inventors, musicians, farmers and cows.  You can park your car and walk our lovely, hilly road. 

I'm so happy to be a part of creating something that brings together community, creates community and showcases the diverse talents of my neighbors.  I wish you could all make it on over for a visit and a cup of soup but I know some of you live far away. 

Here are links to the websites of the participants:
  Leni Fried Designs
  One - Off Hand Cycles
  Radio Free Earth
  Gordan's Fold Registered Highland Cattle