A connection is made: Ethnographic Museum, Krakow

Last Thursday I wrote a letter to my art history professor requesting to make a connection with Krakow's Ethnographic Museum and stated in it what I wanted to research and learn there. She immediately got back to me the next day and said she was working on the connection. On Monday she asked me to meet with her there on Tuesday after class so that she could make a formal introduction for me with the curators of the museum! I feel so blessed to have all this go so smoothly. 

After speaking with a couple people we found someone who speaks English who was able to help make the introduction and connection with the director. I now have a letter in my hand which allows me access to the museum whenever it is open for visitors. I can sketch to my heart's content and take pictures (without a flash). My new connection, who is a specialist in customs and rites, gave me a quick tour of the permanent Polish collection and will connect me with other specialists once I become familiar with the collection and formulate specific questions. During the next couple afternoons I will be there so that can ask my questions and she can direct me before she leaves on summer holiday.  It's a beautiful museum and I look forward to becoming very familiar with the collection.

Here's a brief description of the exhibit: " The Ethnographic  Museum in Krakow houses the "Polish Folk Culture" permanent exhibition, which presents traditional building techniques, housing interiors, craft workshops, a gallery of folk dresses, exhibits illustrating family and annual ceremonies, as well as professional and amateur Polish folk art."