Back home with a Gypsy Dance to share

Gypsy Dance performers, some of them pictured above with their accompanying musicians, really caught my attention last weekend in Budapest. Their exuberant dress was an indicator of what was to come in their performance. Such amazing energy and flair...I really loved watching them dance. Please check out the video of another troupe performing in a similar way at the end of this will not be disappointed!

I am home, back in Massachusetts. Settling in, getting used to the shift in time zones and cultures. It's hard in some ways as I try to adjust to pre-quest, normal activities and yet I feel like a new part of me has opened up. How do I bring and incorporate this newness into my everyday life here? Perhaps this is one of  the challenges of change?  Upon my return two exciting things have taken place... being involved with a musical variety show for my friends' party and now Hurricane Irene. Playing music with friends definitely helped me get over some jet lag symptoms these first two days back. We're holding tight in the Hurricane, with all the water, and I hope all of you, on the east coast, are hanging in there too. Life goes on...

However, I am so full of experiences and inspiration and I still have so many things that I'd like to share about my trip and the cultures of Hungary and Poland. I think I will keep posting on these things from time to time. Being home is very good yet I feel changed in subtle and big ways. I have this desire to keep sharing the beauty and creativity I saw and felt while abroad the past two months.

Here's a video for you. The exuberance of this troupe along with the leg slapping and foot stomping is something to behold. Enjoy!