Garden Within

Colorful roses have been blooming in my studio. The gardens outdoors are cut back, going inward for their long winter's rest. Meanwhile, outward from my mind, heart and hands will come the gardens of my imagination. I'm thankful to have this time to get back to my paintings and paper cuts. Especially while feeling full of inspiration from what I soaked in while in Eastern Europe.

I now have hand designed cards available for sale. During an open house we held a couple weeks ago I sold my first cards and sold more to the local store, The Creamery, where they will be available on the rack with other delightful cards made by talented local artists. If you are interested in my cards for the holiday season feel free to contact me and I will send you any number of your choosing. Prices and images of all the cards I have available will be listed on my blog shortly.  Also, I am planning a blog makeover but still have a lot of work to do to make this happen. I want to have the blog reflect more clearly where my newer art and designs are currently taking me and what's inspiring me. I feel like having things set up in a way that more truly reflects what I'm working on these days will allow me to write and post more with ease. For me, it's good when things, like the the design of my blog, are more unified and streamlined. I can't wait to share this all with you! Thank you for being patient with me during this transition.

I hope you all are well as we enter into the holiday season and into the darker, quieter days. I look forward to connecting more through my blog and by looking at your blogs more often again.