Can't Take Any More: a music video

Here's a "hot off the press" music video created by my husband, Josh, and our friend Rosemary Wessel, owner of Three Salamander Design Studio. "Can't Take Anymore" is a Radio Free Earth original song.  Musicians are Josh Wachtel, Ben Wachtel, Rob Sunderland and Mike Stanely.

This is a timely song and video that expresses the crazy three ring circus like atmosphere of the U.S.'s political climate,  the world of prime time advertising / TV and corporate power. Opposing the images related to this free for all are many true statements expressed by the Occupy Wall St. movement through the posters people make to express their frustration. You'll see that the video is heavily sprinkled with these images of protest. Many people here in the U.S. are fed up with the system of power that exists today and believe that a more balanced, positive and fair world is possible.

Josh's interest in the political climate allows him to have a creative outlet with this sort of music making and video creation. As for me, I'm pretty fed up too and I often choose not to waste too much energy worrying about that in which I don't have much control over. I have decided that my creative/political act is to create beauty in a world where there is a lot of "ugly pollution".  I'm also a big believer that conscious spending of my money to support local homegrown economies, fair labor, made in the USA goods as well as organic, locally farmed food is my political act. So all in all, I think Josh and I compliment each other in our creative styles although we tend to do things differently. He expresses his political outlook in a very direct, outward way through song and video. I quietly go about my mission creating more beauty and choosing to make thoughtful decisions with how to direct the flow of money for our needs, necessities, and entertainment.

Please check out the video and enjoy! If you're so inclined share a few thoughts with Josh under the video on youtube where comments are allowed and/or share a comment here.