No Place Like Home...Cummington Part 5

We're into October, the rain finished falling for now on Stage Road, the temperatures are warm and the sun looks and feels golden. The autumn days this past weekend have been perfect. Perfect for me to connect to my gardens almost all day on Saturday. Lovely for our friend's annual cider pressing party today. The leaves are turning beautiful colors. They're probably at peak color now. Josh and I headed over to the western hills on the other side of the village of Cummington to see friends, press apples for cider and eat homemade doughnuts. But first we needed to stop a couple of places to gather apples off and around the trees where we have been given permission to pick. While driving over to one of the apple trees where we picked  we saw a man in the golden light working in the hay field. One last crop before the weather turns colder and the days get even shorter. The kids have a blast working the apple press. So did Josh and I. Sitting in the fridge now is a half gallon jar of fresh apple juice. Sometimes it's nice to just stay close to home.