October is drawing to it's end and time continues moving it's swift pace. The season of fertile summer, flowers, babies, green leaves, warm days is very much behind us as I take a deep breath and begin to catch up with my life. For me, since June, it's been the season of "baby".  For awhile I barely attended to what I would normally be doing in the summer and early autumn.  The feeling of newness and unfamiliarity is shifting into another state. Kaz, Josh and I have really become a unit and now the new normal is settling in. Some routines have been established and still there is a lot that keeps us on our toes. I imagine that raising children keeps you on your toes at all stages, so here we are. Yet despite this awesome focus of most my attention, some attention is being refocused back on me and my pursuits.....ahhhh....art...gardens...writing.

We have a new home studio/office that we built last spring.  As I sit here typing the rain falls, I look out the new, big picture window and I notice that most of the leaves are off the trees. The beech trees are the last to shed their leaves in our woods and I can see their green, yellow hue mixed in with the newly exposed greys and browns of bark and branches. I love when once again I can see the skeletons of trees and the space around us in the new way. We have a western view of the hills across from us, once the leaves are gone, where it is nice to watch the sun set.

Kaz and I took a couple drives in the last few weeks and I brought my camera along to take some photos. It's lovely and mysterious when the mists and fog cling to the hills and trees this time of year creating mystery and reflecting this time of dying.  The killing frost came letting me know it's time to put the gardens to bed. On a chilly rainy, night last week my beloved feline friend, Gilligan died. This loss magnifies the autumn feeling as I deal with my grief and loneliness for a dear being who touched me so deeply. I will post more on Gilligan in the near future as he shared a rich meaningful life with us and I have some good stories to share. Everything has it's season. There are many old cemeteries tucked away on dirt roads in the towns where I live. I love visiting them from time to time and reading all the names of people who were here before.  Good old fashioned names appear like Ebenezer, Josiah, Hannah...

Next to the Streeter Cemetery on Old Stage Road some cows wandered over to the stone wall and seemed curious as to what I was doing. I explained that I just wanted to take a few pictures as they posed for their cow portrait.

Finally, I can't end this post with out a picture of Kazmir and I in our warm, wooly sweaters, snuggling up at the Ashfield Fall Festival.

No Place Like Home...Cummington Part 5

We're into October, the rain finished falling for now on Stage Road, the temperatures are warm and the sun looks and feels golden. The autumn days this past weekend have been perfect. Perfect for me to connect to my gardens almost all day on Saturday. Lovely for our friend's annual cider pressing party today. The leaves are turning beautiful colors. They're probably at peak color now. Josh and I headed over to the western hills on the other side of the village of Cummington to see friends, press apples for cider and eat homemade doughnuts. But first we needed to stop a couple of places to gather apples off and around the trees where we have been given permission to pick. While driving over to one of the apple trees where we picked  we saw a man in the golden light working in the hay field. One last crop before the weather turns colder and the days get even shorter. The kids have a blast working the apple press. So did Josh and I. Sitting in the fridge now is a half gallon jar of fresh apple juice. Sometimes it's nice to just stay close to home.